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Creating a Game

To start making a game on Link Game Platform, you can start with creating the gameplay with an HTML5 game engine or even from scratch.

Once you've reached a point that's ready to start deeper integration with Link Game SDK, you will need to create a game instance first.

What's Needed to Create a Game

Creating a new game on Link Game Platform needs to clear several criterion. Please contact our developer relationship team at for creating new games.

When requesting new game, please provide these details:

  1. Game title in English and Japanese
  2. Game description
  3. Organization name
  4. Organization admin's email address

The team will verify the info, and once the game's created, these info will be shared in return:

  1. Invitation to Developer Console

This info will be used for integrating, uploading, deploying, testing and debugging your game later.

In addtion, an Apple Developer Team ID will be required when you publish the production game.

About Secrets

Please keep your secrets in a really safe place (especially API Key, App Secret, Subscription Key). Please make sure not to upload or embed them into any public place. (e.g. file storage, repository, client code)

We support revoking secrets when really needed, but responsiveness is not guaranteed.

And in a worst case, we may stop serving your game at any time if the game is breached and showing inappropriate content.