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Uploading a Version

Once you have developed a version can be hosted on Link Game Platform, you can upload & deploy it. The first step is to prepare a game bundle in the format supported by Link Game Platform.

Prepare a Zip Bundle

Make sure the .zip file has a index.html file located at it's root path, otherwise it will not pass the upload check. Here's an example of file hierarchy:

├── index.html
├── script.js
├── style.css
├── libs
│   └── ...
└── assets
   └── ...

Note: the game bundle must be a Zip file no larger than 100 MB

Now your Zip bundle is ready to be deployed. There are two ways you can do it:

  1. via Developer Console.
  2. via CLI.

Option 1 - Upload from Developer Console

In Developer Console, go to the settings page of the game for which you are about to upload a new version. In the "Game versions" tab, click on the "Upload New Build" button, and a dialog will show up.

You can either drag and drop the Zip file to the dialog or click on drop area to select the file from your computer. Once the file is selected, you can optionally enter notes or comments about this particular version. Upon successful upload, you will see the newly created version in the game version list immediately.

Option 2 - Upload via CLI

lgputil is the official CLI tool by Link Game Platform, which also supports uploading games. Please find more details at Continuous Integration with lgputil

Best Practice

If the bundle is not following some best pratice, not only the loading performance will be largely affected, but also uploading can fail due to timeout.

Check this list if you are facing difficulty uploading your game.

  1. Removing unnecessary libraries/packages
  2. Minifying scripts
  3. Compressing assets
  4. Applying sprite sheet to minimize the number of image assets
  5. Applying audio sprite to minimize the number of audio assets
  6. Cleaning up metadata that don't need to be uploaded