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Deploying a Version

Once you have uploaded a version, you are just one step away from to serve it on Link Game Platform. Deploying can also be achieved with 2 options.

  1. via Developer Console.
  2. via CLI.

Option 1 - Deploy from Developer Console

You can deploy a game version from Developer Console. From the Game Versions tab of the game (you can go there by clicking on the game from the console page), click on the star button on the version you'd like to deploy. A confirm dialog will show up and ask if this is the action you want to take. Once deployed, the Game Versions tab will be updated with the new active version.

There's also a staged rollout option to only disclose a specific version to a limited percentage of the audience, which will be suitable in cases if you want to gain some insight from real players before a 100% rollout.

Option 2 - Deploy via CLI

lgputil is the official CLI tool by Link Game Platform, which also supports deploying a new version. Please find more details at Continuous Integration with lgputil

After Deployment

Deployment will trigger our system to update the version info for affected games. And usually this will take effect instantly for any new traffic from that on.

But please also note that there're also users who have opened the game before deployment. In such case, users can be still playing the old version for hours or even days until they manually close or reload the game.